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Proctor Home improvement servicesYou Proctor home is one of the most valueable things that you own. You may have noticed that your roof is getting old or maybe you have decided that you would like to have garage added to your home. We are Home Solutions Pro INC. we are the professionals in the Proctor area for home inprovement and roofing needs. By having use reroof your home or even build a new garage for your home you will increase the value of your home. Even if your not considering selling your home you will still enjoy the benefits of having a new roof. You will no longer have to be concerned whether or not your roof will leak. That will provide you and your family with piece of mind.

Home Solutions Pro is a Proctor home improvement contractor who will install any siding system or brand of your liking, but through our experience, the following vinyl systems are by far the best systems for your home.


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