A Duluth Attached or Detached Garage, Which is Best?

May 10, 2011 at 3:37 am | Category: Garage Plans

Both detached and attached garage plans have their drawbacks and benefits to your Duluth home. Are you having some difficulty deciding the best garage plan for you? If you need to look at several reasons that define the drawbacks and benefits of these two common designs of garage plans, here they are:

1. Regarding your Lot’s Shape

If your Duluth lot is a narrow one that extends far back going to an alley, then making detached garage plans is geologically the best option.

However, having detached garage plan may take up a big portion of your potential yard. Meanwhile, figuring about an attached garage may be more preferable than putting up a detached garage plan that would have to fill up your yard.

An attached style of garage may still leave some vacant lot for your pets and kids to run around in and enjoy after all the building have been done.

2. The practical uses of having a detached garage

Planning an attached garage is surely the way to go if your chief concern is to prevent from having to go out under the rain or snow just to pick up your vehicle especially on inclement days. You will definitely have a direct access to your vehicle with a garage connected to your house and you do not have to sprint out, either.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in setting up the wood or auto workshop that you have always wished of having, then planning a detached garage is the top choice. With a detached garage, you can have more space plus some privacy as opposed to an attached garage that is practically a part of the house.

As a final point, attached garage plans may involve some present security hazards. If you are going to use the garage as a storage area for some hazardous chemicals and materials like paints, fuel, stains that have harmful fumes then an attached garage is not a good idea.

By having a detached garage with plans to put chemicals with harmful fumes, then you do not have to worry that they may leak into the house.


Whichever garage plans you start putting together, detached or attached one, remember to consult your professional Duluth garage builder.

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