Is a Metal Roof Right for Your Home?

Duluth, MN Metal RoofingAre you thinking about getting a metal roof for your home? If you are, you better think about what you look for in a roof -- and whether a metal roof hits or misses the mark.

After all, though metal roofs offer many compelling draws, they also offer more than a couple pretty frustrating drawBACKS. So, before giving the go-ahead to your roofing contractor for a metal roof, be sure you know the . . .

Reasons to Buy

When it comes to performance, many roofing options pale in comparison to metal roofs. With a metal roof, you'll be able to sit back and enjoy these great benefits:

  • Lightweight, so no need to add extra support to your roof
  • Heat conductive, so you'll experience lower cooling costs
  • Long-lasting, so you'll enjoy your metal roof for many years

Reasons to Disregard

Though a metal roof might last you for many years, it is sure to cost you quite a bit of money. After all, metal roofs have some pretty significant upkeep needs in addition to other headaches:

  • Noisy during rain and hailstorms since a metal roof acts as a drum
  • High maintenance thanks to its easily dented design and inability to effectively maintain a paint job
  • Costly at the outset, making it an expensive option at the start

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