Why Green Home Improvement Has Become So Popular

Duluth, MN Green RemodelingAccording to current statistics, approximately 120 million homes in the United States have reached the over 30 mark. That means these thirty-somethings were all designed and developed during an age when energy was cheap, and we hadn't yet realized the importance of creating homes that have the environment in mind.

It would be safe to say, these houses lack the features often implemented today, in order to make the household more Eco-friendly. The choice that you have is to build a new home with all the right components in place to make it more “green,” or to take what you have and use green remodeling to create the same results. For most people, the only sensible option is to stay right in the place that they are proud to call home, and use home improvement techniques to generate big changes.

Green Remodeling is the Smart Way to Go

If you reside in the Wisconsin or Minnesota area and are curious about options that you have for Eco-friendly remodeling, here are a few examples:

Reclaimed wood floors are a great way to renovate your flooring, while keeping things green. Many of the choices that you will make about your residential remodeling will include options for reclaimed or recycled materials.

More and more households are going solar, and now is the perfect time for you to get on board. Passive solar design acquires the energy of the sun in order to help with heating your home. Another way to maximize this effect is by making it a point to have plenty of insulation.

Avoiding the use of harmful materials is also important. This means including non-toxic and biodegradable materials, whenever possible. A great example of this is the adhesive used to install your reclaimed wood floors. Know your options and choose wisely.

The bottom line is that you are trying to make selections that will, first, do no harm to the ozone layer and Eco-system in general. Your other choices will be about reusing materials for everything from glass for countertops to wood for decking. The end result should be a more environmentally responsible house, and one that you can love, for years to come.

Why Go Green?

Opting to have a more Eco-friendly household via green remodeling is a way to make a bigger impact on improving the environment, and leaving less of a carbon footprint. Plus, it certainly doesn't hurt that a more energy-efficient household means lower utility bills. At Home Solutions Pro Inc., we care about the Eco-system, as well as our customers, which is why green home improvement just happens to be one of our specialties.


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