Parco Replacement Windows

Parco Replacement Windows

Vinyl for Maintenance Freedom

parco replacement windowsAll of Parco Windows' windows are constructed with rugged, maintenance-free uPVC (polyvinyl chloride). Unlike wood or metal windows that can stick when they swell or deteriorate from corrosion, pitting or rot, vinyl windows never will. Wash them with soap and water and they’ll look great year-after-year.

Because vinyl’s base color is solid throughout, you’ll never need to paint or stain these windows. The same properties that ensure vinyl’s maintenance freedom also allow window designs that are easy to operate and clean.

Built Tight to Keep Air Out

Air infiltration is a major cause of energy loss. Parco Windows' sashes are double weatherstripped and double-hung and sliding windows feature full meeting rail innerlocks. This method of construction creates a solid barrier to air and water. Parco casement windows are lined with two seals of specially designed weatherstripping which provides one of the lowest air infiltration rates in the industry. The low air infiltration rate means windows prevent drafts and keep you comfortable.

Why does this matter?

At Parco Windows, they are sincerely concerned about your satisfaction. Parco Windows' selection of only the best materials in our windows, combined with assembly by professional Wisconsin and Minnesota replacement windows contractors, has yielded some of the best results ever.

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