Integrity Replacement Windows

Integrity Replacement Windows

Integrity replacement windowsAll of Integrity Windows' windows are a part of the Marvin family of product lines, Integrity windows and doors share the same heritage of quality, reliability and fine workmanship. For more than 65 years, Marvin has been building a reputation as the maker of superior, long-lasting windows and doors for homes.

Marvin uses wood from suppliers who subscribe to the Sustainable Forestry Initiative. With one of the lowest wood-waste percentages in the industry coupled with innovative waste-reuse strategies, that wood goes a long way. And glass batches containing between 15 and 33 percent crushed scrap glass and long-lasting extruded aluminum consisting of up to 40 percent reclaimed content mean less raw material extracted from the earth.

The right materials meet the right manufacturing processes in products by Integrity Windows from Marvin. This tough, enduring exterior material is a pultruded fi berglass that is 500 times less heat conductive than aluminum, reducing energy consumption. What’s more, Ultrex is made with 10 percent recycled material and requires 39 percent less energy to produce than vinyl. And Ultrex is totally inert – it won’t degrade and emit harmful gas, pigments and dyes the way vinyl does.

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