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Home Improvements For Your Aging Parents In Superior, WI

Home improvements aging superior wi

Do you have an aging parent in Superior, WI who’s developed a few mobility challenges, such as being prone to fall or needing to use a walker or wheelchair just to move around the house? If so, home improvements focused on the safety of your aging parents in Superior is something that's worth looking into.

Most adults over the age of 65 in the Superior area want to stay in their home as they age but getting around like they used to becomes more impossible as the time goes by. Losing independence for any person is frustrating and saddening. Being proactive now with home improvements can prevent serious injury for your parent over the long-term and give them back the independence they need.

As a local home improvement contractor, we’ve recognized the need to help others improve the safety of their homes as they age. These aging-in-place home modifications will focus on your parent’s home safety and accessibility.

Home Entry Improvements For Safety

Does your aging parent need to use a walker, cane or wheelchair to enter and exit their home? The entry area is one of the first important home improvements you’ll want to make for their Superior, WI home to improve safety.

  • Install hand railings along stairs and in key areas of the patio or entryway
  • Install ADA compliant wheelchair ramps which are strong, easy to access, and wide enough to use
  • Remove obstructions or uneven areas on walkways and surfaces leading to the doorway
  • Level the flooring
  • Level the doorway thresholds
  • Expand their deck or porch so there’s plenty of space to turn around on the entry porch.

Bedroom Improvements For Aging Parents

Depending on the limitations involved, you may need to ensure there are significant safety features in the bedroom for an aging or disabled parent. For instance, there may need to be a grab bar installed by the bed, room for a power lift or ceiling sling to help them get out of bed.

Their bedroom is one area of a home where safety is important although it seems there isn't much to do there except sleep and get dressed. The key is to make sure they have enough space to safely and freely maneuver equipment around the room. Make sure there are no obstructions leading from the bedroom to the bathroom.

  • Install good lighting
  • Make enough room for medical equipment
  • Install storage system to get organized and easy to reach storage for clothing, shoes, accessories
  • Rearrange so that there’s easy and clear access to the bathroom

Bathroom Improvements For Safety

A standard bathroom in a Superior, WI home is a safety concern for most aging or disabled individuals. It can be impossible to take care of normal hygiene needs when there's no way to lift yourself off the toilet or get in and out of a bathtub/shower combo. Depending on the needs of the person, put these home safety items on your checklist.

  • Install grab bars on the outside of the shower or tub
  • Install grab bars inside the shower or tub
  • Install grab bars near the toilet
  • Replace standard tubs with a walk-in tub
  • Wheelchair height sink and counter – lower the sink and counter if needed
  • Install easy to reach shelving or storage for toiletries and towels
  • Install excellent lighting in and leading to the bathroom
  • Install non-slip flooring
  • Make sure there’s plenty of room to maneuver
  • Make room for any special mobility equipment

Kitchen Improvements For Safety

Everything from slip and fall accidents to serious injuries and accidental kitchen fires can happen the older we age. Taking the necessary precautions to avoid kitchen accidents should always be on your home improvement checklist for aging parents. These special features can ensure kitchen safety:

Wall stove vs. a floor stove – Reaching down and then in the oven to insert or move items takes a good amount of stooping, strength, and balance. What usually happens is the aging person gets burned by the heating elements in the oven as they try to reach inside to insert or remove food.

Make sure your kitchen improvements are focused on:

  • Excellent kitchen lighting with a focus on food prep and cooking areas
  • Plenty of space to turn around and work in the kitchen
  • Storage for dish towels other than on the stove to avoid them catching on fire
  • Good ventilation over the stove – dirty stove vents cause fires
  • Working smoke detector with battery backup
  • Organized storage that's easy to access
  • A place for everything including countertop areas for food prep
  • An automatic shut-off feature for the gas range
  • Non-slip flooring
  • No rugs or other trip hazards

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